controlled clinical trial

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controlled clinical trial

A study that compares one or more intervention groups to one or more control groups.

controlled clinical trial,

n a research strategy that calls for two samples: an experimental sample of patients receiving a pharmaceutical, and a second sample of control patients receiving a placebo. Neither the patient nor the researcher knows which is receiving the pharmaceutical and which the placebo.
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STA-4783 was tested in a Phase 2b double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial in patients with Stage IV metastatic melanoma at 21 clinical sites in the United States.
In controlled clinical trials, 26% of patients treated with SUSTIVA experienced new-onset skin rash compared with 17% of patients treated in control groups.
OTCBB:MBTG), a research-based nutraceutical company and a pioneer in the emerging field of specialized nutritional supplements for the medical market, today announced preliminary results of its second double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial that found its Resurgex(R) nutritional formula provided improvements in strength (Wingate testing) and increased lean muscle gain while reducing body fat in Rutgers University Division 1 football players (strength athletes).
However, it is also acknowledged that only a small portion of medical care has undergone formal evaluation through controlled clinical trials, such that the true clinical impact of many widely accepted therapies is unknown.
Insulin pills, still awaiting controlled clinical trials, remain a long way off, Ziv notes.
Young said he expects more monoclonal antibodies will be approved following controlled clinical trials.
Without controlled clinical trials, physicians treated MS with the "theory of the day" electricity in the 1860's, psychiatry in the 1930's, drugs to increase blood flow in the early 1950's.
Initial results with dichloracetate look promising, he says, but the larger controlled clinical trials that weren't done with sodium bicarbonate are needed for the new drug.
However, at the doses used in SILENOR[TM] in controlled clinical trials completed by Somaxon to date, SILENOR[TM] has been well tolerated.
During controlled clinical trials of Cesamet, virtually all patients experienced at least one adverse reaction.

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