controlled association

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(a-so?s(h)e-a'shon) [L. associare, to ally with]
1. The act of joining or uniting; coordination with another idea or structure; a relationship. In psychiatry, association refers in particular to the relationship of conscious and unconscious ideas or feelings.
2. In genetics, the occurrence of two characteristics at a frequency greater than would be predicted by chance.
3. In clinical epidemiology, the relationship of the occurrence of two events, without evidence that the event being investigated actually causes the second condition. For instance, malaria may possibly occur in warm climates with proper breeding conditions for certain types of tropical plants, but the actual cause is Plasmodium, the malaria parasite.

clang association

A speech disorder marked by the use of words grouped by their sound or rhyme rather than by their meaning.

controlled association

Induced association.

controlled word association

Verbal fluency task.

free association

1. The trend of thoughts when one is not under mental restraint or direction.
2. In psychoanalysis, the procedure that requires the patient to speak his or her thought flow aloud, word for word, without censorship.

genetic association

Evidence that a particular gene is responsible, or partly responsible, for a disease.

association of ideas

The linking in memory of two or more ideas because of their similarity, relationship, or timing.

induced association

The idea suggested when the examiner gives a stimulus word. Synonym: controlled association
See: association test
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