control gene

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op·er·a·tor gene

a gene with the function of activating the production of messenger RNA by one or more adjacent structural loci.
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Q. can diet control breast cancer if the gene is supposed to be the cause of breast cancer?

A. No…I am sorry, it can`t. If it is radiation then diet cannot control. When we have exposure to toxic food and non toxic food where the free radical production is high, the free radical production can be controlled with the consumption of antioxidant rich food. Well it’s only a preventive step for the free radical rich food and not for the radiation induced cancer. Breast cancer is only treated with surgery and therapies. Diet plays a good role when your treatment is on, as it gives strength and overall wellbeing.

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Led by Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Mansi Srivastava, a team of researchers is shedding new light on how animals pull off the feat, and uncovered a number of DNA switches that appear to control genes for whole-body regeneration.
Figure 2a and 2b shows the average expression stability values of remaining control genes for whole blood and PBMC.
The main goal of the project is to understand how genetic variation may control gene activity and its relationship to disease.
Recent evidence points to the involvement of the genes p53 and p21 and of the cell cycle control gene cyclin Dl (CCNDI) in the response of bronchial cells to air pollution.
In contrast to siRNA, the microRNAs control gene expression primarily by inhibiting translation rather than by mRNA destruction.
"SATB1 is a master control gene that dictates the exact activity of the other genes in breast cancer cells," said Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, a scientist in the life sciences division of the Department of Energy's lab in Berkeley and a study author.
RXR can form heterodimers with about 15 other different receptor proteins such as the vitamin D receptor and PPARs (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors), and thus control gene expression following interaction (dimerisation) with a whole variety of ligands.
By engineering ZFPs that recognize a specific DNA sequence, Sangamo scientists have created ZFP TFs that can control gene expression and consequently, cell function.
Researcher Lorraine Young and her colleagues at the University of Nottingham are studying the methylation process--i.e., how the body tags DNA with methyl groups to control gene activity as a child grows and develops into adulthood.
The dsRNA control gene fragments have been used in RNAi studies and a twitcher phenocopy has been achieved, dsRNA for putative collagen IV cell surface receptors (ESTs) are in the process of being generated and will be utilized in RNAi studies.
Using RNAi, researchers can silence specific genes and thus control gene expression and determine gene function.