control experiment

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a procedure done in order to discover or demonstrate some fact or general truth. adj., adj experimen´�tal.
control experiment one made under standard conditions, to test the correctness of other observations.
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con·trol ex·per·i·ment

an experiment used to check another, to verify the result, or to demonstrate what would have occurred had the factor under study been omitted or held constant.
See also: control, control animal.
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con·trol ex·per·i·ment

(kŏn-trōl' eks-per'i-mĕnt)
An experiment used to check another, to verify the result, or to demonstrate what would have occurred had the factor under study been omitted.
See also: control
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The control experiment has 7.14% loss in thickness after the test while this reduced with increased castor oil till experiment 8 with 80% castor oil substitution that has 3.45% loss in thickness after the test as shown on Figure 3.
coli O157:H7 positive manure and kept outside the Botany Garden under fluctuating environmental conditions and used as control experiments as earlier stated.
In contrast, the control experiments did not show such dynamics.
THREE men given LSD without their consent during secret 1950s mind control experiments have been paid compensation.
Control experiments were performed without fungus using the same conditions.
Until that point is reached and because of the difficulties involved in designing human interfaces and the human control of complex systems, we must find quantitative ways to measure compensation and we must control experiments to address compensation issues.
Control experiments using untreated straw were preformed for each time period.
Currently, film processors measure orientation in post processing quality control experiments that are carried out with a considerable time delay after processing.
In control experiments, we detected [is greater than] 150 putative polypeptide products using various autoradiographic exposures.
The MPX software was incorporated into the processing labs, specifically in the basic injection molding and statistical process control experiments. In the basic injection molding experiment, sophomores or graduate students set up and optimized the processing parameters for two injection molding machines.
Several control experiments were conducted with those variables in mind, only to find that the plant's metallurgical and foundry practices were well under control.