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An older term referring to a cancer involving the larynx and the apposed oesophagus. The term could still be useful, but because the word party as a synonym for shared, as in a two-party phone line, is fading from the working parlance, ‘shared’ seems less confusing
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In Julie's set, as in many other circles in Moscow, it had been agreed that they would speak nothing but Russian and that those who made a slip and spoke French should pay fines to the Committee of Voluntary Contributions.
Upon this head, however, he had no cause for any anxiety, for the whole performance was applauded to the echo, and voluntary contributions were showered in with a liberality which testified yet more strongly to the general delight.
To satisfy the automatic enrollment safe harbor, elective contributions must fall within a range from a minimum contribution of 3 percent up to 10 percent of compensation depending on, and increasing with, the employee's length of participation.
When an employee is automatically enrolled, it is quite possible that he or she will not take any action to direct contribution investment.
Three years earlier, Parks' City Council campaign returned a $250 contribution from Brookins Community A.
The maximum elective contribution per employee in the 2006 calendar year is $15,000, even if the plans are from different employers.
Another element of Ibn Sina's philosophy of nature is his contribution to logic and the use of logic in the mathematical sciences.
Under President Bush's tax-cut legislation, passed by Congress in 2001, the contribution limit for an individual is $11,000 as of January 1, 2002.
Division Lost Contribution Margin = $3,000,000 - (500,000 + 2,100,000) = $400,000
The employer, therefore, can limit the amount of the contribution.
The contribution limits--$1,000 to individual campaigns and $5,000 to PACs per year, up to a total of $25,000 per year--have not been raised since 1974, even though inflation has reduced their real value by two-thirds.
We asked, in other words, whether the contribution limitation was so radical in effect as to render political association ineffective, drive the sound of a candidate's voice below the level of notice, and render contributions pointless.

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