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An older term referring to a cancer involving the larynx and the apposed oesophagus. The term could still be useful, but because the word party as a synonym for shared, as in a two-party phone line, is fading from the working parlance, ‘shared’ seems less confusing
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A contribution record is made up of contributions paid or credited in a contribution year.
Surveys indicate that participation and contribution rates are significantly higher in plans that use automatic enrollment; see, e.
The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 made many favorable changes to the IRC, such as catch-up contributions for workers age 50 and over, increased contribution limits and expanded rollover options.
The maximum elective contribution per employee in the 2006 calendar year is $15,000, even if the plans are from different employers.
Another element of Ibn Sina's philosophy of nature is his contribution to logic and the use of logic in the mathematical sciences.
The transfer price should be equal to the variable costs of the goods or services, plus the contribution margin per unit that is lost.
Under President Bush's tax-cut legislation, passed by Congress in 2001, the contribution limit for an individual is $11,000 as of January 1, 2002.
2000 NAA PAC Contributions COMPANY NAME TOTAL Alliance Investment and Management 1 Contribution $100 Allied Realty Services Brockman, Lauren $550 Allied Realty Services 1 Contribution $50 American Residential Group 1 Contribution $50 AmRent, Inc.
The employer, therefore, can limit the amount of the contribution.
The contribution limits--$1,000 to individual campaigns and $5,000 to PACs per year, up to a total of $25,000 per year--have not been raised since 1974, even though inflation has reduced their real value by two-thirds.
We asked, in other words, whether the contribution limitation was so radical in effect as to render political association ineffective, drive the sound of a candidate's voice below the level of notice, and render contributions pointless.

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