contrast sensitivity

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con·trast sen·si·tiv·i·ty

in optics, the ability to discern the difference in brightness of adjacent areas; in radiology, allergic reaction to iodinated radiographic contrast medium.
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contrast sensitivity

The ability to distinguish objects from the background in which they are located. It is a critical component of functionally adequate vision.
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sensitivity, contrast 

The ability to detect luminance contrast. In psychophysical terms it is the reciprocal of the minimum perceptible contrast. The measurement of the contrast sensitivity of the eye is a more complete assessment of vision than standard visual acuity measurement. It provides an evaluation of the detection of objects (usually sinusoidal gratings) of varying spatial frequencies and of variable contrast and thus obtaining a contrast sensitivity function (CSF). Example: following amblyopia treatment, some cases still have the same visual acuity while the CSF is improved. See contrast sensitivity chart; contrast sensitivity function; spurious resolution; Arden grating test; Vistech.
Table S1 Relationship between contrast sensitivity and contrast threshold (contrast sensitivity = 1/contrast threshold). Neither values have units
contrast threshold
contrast sensitivitylog10 contrast sensitivitydecimal%
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Results from this test were used to determine eligibility for analyses of visual contrast sensitivity. Participants with binocular visual acuity scores of 20/50 or worse were excluded from visual contrast sensitivity analyses.
Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity: AcrySof ReSTOR apodized diffractive versus AcrySof SA60AT monofocal intraocular lenses.
In a previous study of patients with early age-related macular degeneration, the addition of meso-zeaxanthin to a supplement containing lutein and zeaxanthin improved contrast sensitivity to a greater extent than lutein and zeaxanthin without meso-zeaxanthin.
These results are included in Figure 1, which shows the mean SGm and CGm contrast sensitivity values as a function of the spatial frequency.
Guardion will be exhibiting at the meeting, where they will display the CSV-1000 device, the global standard for contrast sensitivity testing, and have samples of Lumega-Z, the only medical food designed to restore and maintain the macular pigment.
(19) Monocular and binocular contrast sensitivity under photopic (85 cd/m (2)) and mesopic (3 cd/m (2)) conditions was measured using the Functional Acuity Contrast Test Chart of the Optec 6500 vision tester (Stereo Optical, Chicago, Illinois, USA).
Visual function was assessed in all participants by evaluating BCVA using an Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) chart and contrast sensitivity vision (CSV) using the Pelli-Robson and CSV-1000E tests.
Often used benchmarks for the determination of visual abilities are visual acuity, the ability to resolve fine details in the visual scene and contrast sensitivity, and the ability to discriminate between differences in the brightness of visual stimuli as illustrated in Figure 3(a).
"Diabetic retinopathy causes not only vision loss, but also reduction in the components of the aging visual function system, such as contrast sensitivity, stereo acuity, and color perception, which can result in poor postural stability and a greater capacity to bump into objects, leading to a greater risk of falling," Lamoureux said by email.
Visual acuity (standard vision test) and contrast sensitivity (how well the subjects could discern differences in contrast) were measured at baseline and again at one, three, and six months into the study, while macular pigment optical density was calculated at each time point using photos of the retinas.