contrast enhancement

con·trast en·hance·ment

the intravenous administration of water-soluble iodinated contrast material, which increases the CT number of the vascular pool, as well as some lesions (particularly in the brain), due to abnormal leakage into the interstitium; the property of showing increased radiopacity from concentration of contrast medium.
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One of the most widely used techniques for contrast enhancement is histogram equalization (HE).
IONPs have been found useful at lower concentrations and can better serve as contrast enhancement agents for MRI.
Infiltration may cause focal delays in contrast enhancement.
In this paper, linear structures are detected within the ASTER satellite image by using the effective denoising and contrast enhancement methods.
Table 5 shows the correlation values of the different contrast enhancement metrics used against brain and breast cancer images.
To prevent pictures with not trustworthy information a lot of algorithms for digital image processing and contrast enhancement have been proposed [7]-[11].
Diffusion-weighted images demonstrated only a few small ischemic lesions, whereas FLAIR images showed subarachnoid contrast enhancement in the left MCA territory (Figure 1(b)) consistent with HARM.
For contrast enhancement and brightness preserving, Raju and Nair [17] proposed an enhancement algorithm based on fuzzy-logic and histogram in HSV color space.
In addition, lack of contrast enhancement and the low proliferation index favored multiple EPs as the most likely diagnosis in our case.
Keywords" area, brain, filtering, contrast enhancement, image processing, MRI, segmentation, tumor, watershed
Contrast enhancement is the ability to detect chromatic borders that allow discrimination of an object from its colored surroundings, which is important in sport activities.
Features include multiple automatic gain control modes, including proprietary image contrast enhancement and an integrated normalization shutter.