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tr.v. contraindi·cated, contraindi·cating, contraindi·cates
To indicate the inadvisability of (a medical treatment, for example).

con′tra·in·dic′a·tive (-ĭn-dĭk′ə-tĭv) adj.
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To avoid a protocol or treatment based on specific prevailing circumstances.
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Mainly it included eight indicative, nine contraindicative items.
All of these behaviors will likely be viewed by the Afro-American youth as patronizing, inauthentic, and contraindicative to effective counseling.
It may appear that this finding is contraindicative of the assertion that the HSQ is indeed measuring the level of confidence in one's understanding of the ministry and functioning of the Holy Spirit.
In general, individual characteristics are at best weakly predictive of either economic strategy and the coefficients are for the most part either non-significant or in a direction that is contraindicative of theoretical expectations.