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Intravenous unfractionated heparin sodium is contraindicated with Vibativ administration due to artificially prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) test results for up to 18 hours after Vibativ administration.
Dose reduction might be clinically contraindicated if it would impair a resident's function or cause or exacerbate a medical or psychiatric instability or disorder.
Therefore, in the absence of menstrual irregularity, running itself is not contraindicated for women who are osteopenic or osteoporotic.
It's contraindicated in pregnancy because of fetal bleeding problems.
An A rating indicates strong evidence for efficacy and clinical benefit and an intervention that should always be offered; an intervention with a B rating is supported by moderate evidence and generally should be offered; a C rating indicates an optional intervention because evidence is insufficient to support a recommendation or evidence for efficacy might not outweigh adverse effects; a D rating indicates that moderate evidence for lack of efficacy or adverse outcome supports recommending against the intervention; and an E rating indicates strong evidence that an intervention is contraindicated because of lack of efficacy or adverse effects.
Other drugs that are metabolized by the same pathway are therefore contraindicated with Kaletra.
If so, state why: "Warning: Both echinacea and goldenseal are considered relatively safe, however echinacea may be contraindicated (in certain cases)...."
In her evaluation of the article Linda French stated, "Though methodologically very weak, this observational study is sufficient to successfully challenge prevailing notions" (ie, that ERT is contraindicated for women who have been treated for stage 1 breast cancer).
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia when intolerant or refractory to TMP/SMX or when TMP/SMX is contraindicated.
"Viagra is absolutely contraindicated with poppers," Cohan says.
Readily acknowledging that class formation can only properly be studied in a specific historical context, he finds that, amid the ambiguities of real social patterns, "the classes that the logic of productive relations dictates are, to a greater or lesser degree, fractured, distorted, and perhaps even contraindicated [sic]" (p.
Margulies said the Judge's earlier decisions in this case were "clearly contraindicated" by the Court of Appeals in Ansonia.