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We now end this paper by giving an example showing that, under the condition of Theorem 32, we only have the contractibility of fixed point sets but not the convexity.
Does asset contractibility matter for the degree of insurance and the time profiles of consumption and savings?
The changes in exercise heart rate may be explained by increased stroke volume and improved contractibility of the heart muscle.
All 15 patients initially treated with BTX achieved a highly statistically significant reduction or improvement in their glabellar frown lines, most particularly in attempts at full muscle contractibility. Patients randomized to placebo had a mean preinjection severity score of 3.86 [+ or -] 1.13 and a postinjection severity score of 3 78 [+ or -] 1.42.
A randomized trial in patients with chronic venous insufficiency showed that horse chestnut seed extract improves contractibility of blood vessel walls, thereby improving circulation, reducing leakage through capillaries, and preventing edema compared with a control group.
The analysis in this paper provides the scaffolding for assessing the net burden of regulation, but the real heavy lifting requires a more detailed explication of the nature of and limits to contractibility in these markets.
As a sympathomimetic agonist at both [alpha]- and [beta]-adrenergic receptors, ephedrine enhances cardiac rate and contractibility, peripheral vasoconstriction, bronchodilation, and central nervous system stimulation.
[a fiduciary] relationship, that relationship must be examined to see what duties are thereby imposed upon the agent, to see what is the scope and ambit of the duties charged upon him.' As to the contractibility of fiduciary obligations, see Nolan, above n 82, 420-1.
* Limits to contractibility, for the procurement of resources, because of tacit, idiosyncratic and context-dependent knowledge.
An examination of BE in children with specific language impairment: the role of contractibility and grammatical form class.
Students can see such things as the role of the kidneys in some forms of hypertension, the importance of increased contractibility of the heart when distended, and the importance of venous return in the control of the circulation.
In giving this instruction, the implicit contracts approach makes a significant assumption--that the zone of contractibility is universal and that incomplete contracts always can be completed.