contracted discount

con·tract·ed dis·count

(kŏn-trak'tĕd dis'kownt)
The amount a health care provider writes off or adjusts from a patient's balance in accordance with agreement with the insurer covering that patient.
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All conversions are to pharmaceuticals which the provider can purchase at a contracted discount or .
BBC is essentially the same as the private sector's contracted discount arrangements.
With Directly Contracted Discount Pricing, Benefits Administrators Can Offer Employers More Competitive Cost-Management Strategies and Potentially Greater Savings
If the provider is "in the network" there will also be a contracted discount that is applied.
Using Dell Premier Pages through the cXML-enabled Ariba Internet Catalog, customers can view their contracted discount pricing, configure Dell products, access service and support information customized to the products they own, confirm daily order and manufacturing status for systems.
By working with an ancillary network, payers not only receive contracted discounts on needed and approved treatment, but these networks place a more focused control around utilization review and provider management.
The New Hampshire Hospital Association subsequently launched its own PricePoint website, which reports the amount hospitals bill for a service, prior to the inevitable deep contracted discounts taken by insurers.
Employees can now make reservations for parking through the same tool and workflow they use to plan and purchase all other parts of their Rearden Total Travel Experience(TM) -- making it much easier for employees to book and use off-airport parking services as part of general travel planning, encouraging cost savings and leveraging contracted discounts.
5 billion in billed charges for repricing - that is, application of its contracted discounts.