contracted discount

con·tract·ed dis·count

(kŏn-trak'tĕd dis'kownt)
The amount a health care provider writes off or adjusts from a patient's balance in accordance with agreement with the insurer covering that patient.
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This misconception has allowed otherwise intelligent entrepreneurs to be duped into long-term, terminal equipment leases at outrageous prices and total costs well above contracted discount rates.
All conversions are to pharmaceuticals which the provider can purchase at a contracted discount or .
BBC is essentially the same as the private sector's contracted discount arrangements.
By working with an ancillary network, payers not only receive contracted discounts on needed and approved treatment, but these networks place a more focused control around utilization review and provider management.
In workers' compensation, a reduction in claims cost is achieved through accessing a preferred provider organization to receive contracted discounts beyond state fee schedules and bill review reductions.
The New Hampshire Hospital Association subsequently launched its own PricePoint website, which reports the amount hospitals bill for a service, prior to the inevitable deep contracted discounts taken by insurers.