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Tampico Beverages is proud to be the title sponsor of PADRES Contra El Cancer's 2006 El Sueno de Esperanza (Dream of Hope) Gala.
Walsh's final report also laid to waste the mendacious mythology that George Bush had been "out of the loop" on both the Iran and contra operations; that the scandal was the work of a "rogue NSC staff", that the "diversion" is what the scandal was all about.
In August of 1986, Socrates, who supposedly had agreed to sell information to Shvets (still posing as a Tass man), approached Shvets with dynamite material not yet publicly known: The Reagan administration had diverted to the contras proceeds from the Iran arms sales, and the CIA, while aiding the contras, had helped the Medellin cartel.
North was convicted in 1989 of three federal crimes: aiding in the obstruction of Congress, accepting illegal gratuities, and destroying documents related to arms sales to Iran to finance the illegal contra war.
He emphasized the growth of contra forces during the congressional ban on U.
The top-ranked jurisdiction is the Contra Costa County city of Brentwood, where the three-year average PCI on local streets averaged 85, up two points from 2003-2005.
Upside down question mark]Por que hay tanta ira contra la OMC, sobre todo en asuntos ambientales?
Parry substantiates this claim by quoting from an October 4, 1996, article in the Los Angeles Times, which stated: "The allegation that some elements of the CIA-sponsored contra army cooperated with drug traffickers has been well-documented for years.
The two major players in the effort were Danilo Blandon, a Contra supporter and drug supplier, and Ricky Ross, a Los Angeles drug dealer.
Casey's campaign was also extraordinary because it helped shield a secret White House contra aid program that was explicitly against the law.
GreatSchools developed the Top 20 list by analyzing data for all cities in the nine Bay Area counties: San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin and Solano.