continuous venovenous hemodialysis

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con·tin·u·ous ve·no·ve·nous he·mo·di·al·y·sis

(CVVHD) (kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs vē-nō-vē'nŭs hē'mō-dī-al'i-sis)
Continuous hemodialysis in which blood is pumped from a vein to the dialyzing unit and treated blood is returned to the venous circulation.
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Like CAVHD, CWH can be used with a dialysate solution to improve therapy effectiveness and is termed continuous venovenous hemodialysis (CVVHD).
Renal replacement therapy in critical care: Implementation of a unit-based continuous venovenous hemodialysis program.
Solute clearance in continuous venovenous hemodialysis.

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