continuous variable

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con·tin·u·ous var·i·a·ble

a variable that may take on any value in an interval or intervals (its domain).
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Transmission: CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
But for the calculation of a risk development as a function of any continuous variable it is necessary to calculate the risk increments for each step of CIT category progression.
Where: Age (continuous variable); CCI = Charlson Comorbidity Index (ordinal variable); GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale (continuous variable); AIS_HN = Head and Neck Abbreviated Injury Score (ordinal variable); and AIS_CHS = Chest Abbreviated Injury Score (ordinal variable).
Age: Age of the fishers, a continuous variable showed no significance (P>0.05), was taken as one of the explanatory variables came up with positive signs against the expectation.
The article focused on continuous variable frequency fluid bed drying.
With the gain-ratio criterion, the binary nodes divide the continuous variable. The processing method for categorical variables is firstly to refer each of the categories as a branch and then merge each two branches iteratively until the two branches remain.
Array offers Continuous Variable Spot Size from 50 to 1000 micrometers, allowing the doctor to customize treatment for the disease state and tissue response.
With homemade meals as a continuous variable, each home-prepared lunch or dinner eaten per week decreased the long-term risk of developing type 2 diabetes by l%-2%, according to Dr.
The participants were informed of the car s superior Continuous Variable Transmission technology that provides excellent performance and unmatched fuel efficiency in its class of vehicles.
Under the bonnet, the Tiggo 3 is powered by a 2.0L DVVT engine delivering an output of 137BHP, with Continuous Variable Transmission enabling excellent fuel economy.

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