continuous tremor

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per·sis·tent trem·or

a tremor that is constant, whether the subject is at rest or moving.
Synonym(s): continuous tremor
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continuous tremor

A tremor that resembles tremors of paralysis agitans.
See also: tremor
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Without my brain implant I would have a continuous tremor. I would not be able to feed or dress myself and personal hygiene would be impossible.
'Eventually she developed a movement disorder of which the most serious feature is a continuous tremor of the left arm and hand.
With a view to better defining the clinical phenomenological classification of PD, our group relabeled the different PD tremor types in what appeared to us to be a more intuitive and logical way, as follows: type I, pure resting tremor; type II, mixed action and resting tremor with similar frequencies (subdivided into re-emergent and continuous tremors); type III, pure action tremor; and type IV, mixed action and resting tremor with different frequencies.

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