continuous training

con·tin·u·ous train·ing

(kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs trān'ing)
Use of steady-state exercise to overload the aerobic system of energy transfer. Because of its submaximal nature, exercise continues for considerable time in relative comfort; ideal exercise for weight loss and improved health.
Synonym(s): long slow distance training.
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Continuous training of judicial officers is essential in preserving the moral integrity of the country, Chief Justice Terrence Rannowane has said.
The ministry took the initiative to publish regulations during the first half of 2019 so as to encourage the enterprises to adhere to the continuous training system and to speed up measures to cover expenditures invested in the continuous training, she told TAP during the inauguration of a regional centre of further training and career development in Sousse.
The exercise aimed at training commanders and subordinates and to deal with military operations of all kinds and raise their practical efficiency through continuous training programmes.
CONTINUOUS TRAINING"All teachers should be effectively trained.
The MoU aims to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through continuous training and development, and applications of evidence-based nursing practices, as well as enhancing cooperation in the field of research, in addition to holding meetings and scientific forums.
LAHORE -- Principal of Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Mohammad Tayyab has said that updating knowledge and continuous training is the need of medical professionals and it should be continued on a permanent basis.
He stressed the importance of developing the judicial system through continuous training and rehabilitation of its staff commensurate with the SJC's strategy.
The technical Director for Al-Kandari team, Mohammad Al-Kandari, said in a press statement that this achievement was a result of continuous training, including training camps, and the desire to show good result.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) is all set to launch a comprehensive plan in line with national skills strategy to evolve a 'Continuous Training Programme' for TVET Trainers(Teachers).
Scientists set out to determine how sprint interval training (SIT) compared to moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT), as recommended in public health guidelines.
The aim, he added, was to have a programme of continuous training that will be attended by current marine police officers and future coastguard members.
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