continuous training

con·tin·u·ous train·ing

(kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs trān'ing)
Use of steady-state exercise to overload the aerobic system of energy transfer. Because of its submaximal nature, exercise continues for considerable time in relative comfort; ideal exercise for weight loss and improved health.
Synonym(s): long slow distance training.
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The dialogue conference has reviewed a number of papers and topics, the important of which are establishment of specialized units in courts and the exchange of experiences and reviewed the experiments of some countries in this regard, besides papers on the introduction of technology in the courts' procedure and means for enhancing the arrival to justice and maintaining human rights and the continuous training of judges.
Also preparations ahead of international contests including continuous training boosts the spirit of honesty.
He emphasized on the need for continuous training and holding of such exercises regularly all along the coastal belt in coordination with all maritime stakeholders.
the Contract Involves Achieving the Following Services: Event Information, Promoting Entrepreneurship in the South-East and South Muntenia for A Group of 140 People in the Target Group of the Project Organization and Continuous Training in Entrepreneurship, A Group of 400 People in the Same Location, Also Part of the Project~s Target Group.
The PM thanked the ICDO and Russia for the considerable support lent to the National School of Civil Protection which will start in the coming days a process of continuous training following basic training.
He added that employees also generally prefer to work at organizations which provide continuous training programs to develop their capabilities, adding that through offering good technical training, organizations can maintain their employee loyalty and can be more likely to attract more qualified employees from other organizations.
She went on to say that the strategic role of the fund in family stability is achieved through continuous training programmes for the beneficiaries informing them of the knowledge, ethics and skills required for growth and stability in family life.
Mahmoud also stressed the importance of continuous training for higher education quality evaluators as well as their autonomy.
While addressing the troops during his visit to Sulemanki Sector, he appreciated the high morale and operational preparedness of troops and urged the need for continuous training to attain even higher professional standards.
All of company's employees are certified by Apple and undergo continuous training to learn about new products, technical specifications, policies and procedures.
Under an agreement signed by Moroccan economy and finance minister, Nizar Barak and Italy's ambassador to Morocco , Piergiorgio Cherubini, 80pc of this amount will go to the 2nd phase of the national initiative for human development, while the rest will be allocated to rehabilitation of the Roman site of Volubilis and to continuous training of general surgery medics.
According to the firm, The Federal Aviation Administration's 2012 Aviation Maintenance Technician Diamond Award of Excellence recognizes that 100% of JetSuite's technicians received an individual AMT Award after passing specialised, continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period.
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