continuous spectrum

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con·tin·u·ous spec·trum

a spectrum in which there are no absorption bands or lines.
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continuous spectrum

1. An unbroken series of wavelengths, either visible or invisible.
2. An unbroken range of radiations of different wavelengths in any portion of the invisible spectrum.
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In traditional civilizations there was a continuous spectrum of creation which was always related to God, from the making of a simple comb to the composition of f poetry and everything in between; everything was related to God and reflected His quality as the Supreme Artisan on the human plane.
Illumination is provided by a miniature light source that combines the continuous spectrum of an RF-excited deuterium source and a tungsten-halogen source in a single optical path.
The spectrum created by digitally modulated signals is a continuous spectrum. Technically, it is created by different rules than a discrete spectrum.
Everything else falls somewhere in a continuous spectrum from red to violet or is made up by combinations of colours in this spectrum.
In addition to these considerations, observation of this case of mixed morphology suggests that granular cell tumors could form a continuous spectrum of lesions, initially represented by a reactive/hyperplastic process that subsequently may acquire truly neoplastic potential.
After reading about and attending many workshops on autism, I have discovered that PDD-NOS is a "wastebasket term" that a lot of disabilities can be "thrown into." Autism itself runs a continuous spectrum based on the functioning of the individual, from autism (lower functioning) to Asperger's syndrome (later onset, less severe speech deficit).
Number of eigenvalues: number of integers in range 0 [is less than or equal to] k [is less than] m continuous spectrum: (0, [infinity])
Most recently, a review of data taken by ROSAT's extreme-ultraviolet camera has revealed that the X rays form a continuous spectrum over a broad range of energies.
A continuous spectrum is not needed; therefore, the spectrometer that provides the absorbance data can be relatively simple.
It will be obvious from the foregoing that there are no clear boundaries between these three recognized classes of petroleum wax, and that a continuous spectrum exists, ranging from the lowest melting point simplest paraffin wax of almost 100% alkane content to the somewhat higher melting point and vastly more complex microcrystalline wax containing almost 100% branched chain iso alkane or `non normal' high molecular weight hydrocarbons.
Sobolev, "The asymptotic behaviour of the discrete spectrum in the gaps of the continuous spectrum of a perturbed Hill operator," Functional Analysis and Its Applications, vol.

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