continuous skill

con·tin·u·ous skill

(kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs skil)
A skill or pattern of movement that does not appear to have a distinct beginning or end; the motor patterns usually form a repetitive or ongoing process (e.g., swimming, steering a car).
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Continuous skill enhancement programmes with industry-leading institutes ensure service quality that meet the expectations of its global customer-base.
K-E has established a state-of-the-art training facility, Distribution Network Academy, for continuous skill development of its field teams.
The KE has established a Distribution Network Academy (DNA) housing state-of-the-art training facilities for continuous skill development of its field teams whereas a formally certified Apprenticeship Programme is also underway at the facility.
It seeks to advance the engineering profession, while striving for continuous skill enhancements through training and the conducting of technical and professional development programmes.-TradeArabia News Service
Chief of Army Staff emphasized on enhanced self reliance and continuous skill development to meet the growing challenges of maintaining high operational readiness of Army Aviation.
The secondary purpose was to investigate the influence of these practice schedules on a continuous skill while the tertiary purpose was to make comparisons between three moderate or mixed interference schedules which consisted of different combinations of high and low interference.
Since then, Michelle has continued on a path of continuous skill development and improvement.
The authors examined a number of major issues affecting the work environment, including economic globalization, the renewal of the culture of competition, and the need for continuous skill enhancement.
However, little retraining or continuous skill building was evident suggesting that executives thought training was a singular event for employees and that with books and videotapes available, people would read, watch and become experts.
* To identify, recommend and establish various reward systems which support self-directed work teams (or "Partnerships For Quality"), continuous skill development, successful quality improvements, and individuals who contribute to quality improvement.
Skill Development Council (SDC) Islamabad, established by the Government, is a quality training provider for students and professionals for continuous skill up gradation and to promote skills which help Pakistan to become globally competitive.
A third initiative will encourage continuous skill upgrade programmes, offering incentives to companies to train and retain staff.
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