continuous quality improvement

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clinical governance

A framework under which NHS bodies in the UK are accountable for continuously monitoring and improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care should flourish. Clinical governance is promulgated by the Commission for Health Improvement.

The 5 Themes of Clinical Governance
(i) Leadership, strategy and planning; identifiable clinical governance lead
(ii) Public and patient involvement
(iii) Quality improvement processes
(iv) Staff focus 
(v) Use of information. 

The Contractual Components
1) Patient and public involvement
2) Clinical audit
3) Risk management
4) Clinical effectiveness programmes
5) Staffing and staff management
6) Education, training and CPD
7) Use of information to support clinical governance and health care delivery.
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continuous quality improvement

Managed care An approach to health care based on evaluation of a product or the outcome(s) of a process, and on understanding the needs and expectations of the consumers of these products or processes. See Quality assurance, Total quality management.
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con·tin·u·ous qual·i·ty im·prove·ment

(kŏn-tin'yū-ŭs kwahl'i-tē im-prūv'mĕnt)
Structured process to improve all aspects of care and service continually; ongoing study to improve performance.
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DRs TQM helps aged care facilities identify their organizational system problems in the continuous quality improvement journey.
The outcome indicator for this tool is ongoing and will be fully determined with our next continuous quality improvement computer data entry audit.
Te Pou's purpose is to build a strong and enduring mental health workforce and to build a culture of continuous quality improvement in which knowledge and information were shared and used to enhance recovery, Smith said.
He heads the physician care team at Summit and helps to ensure continuous quality improvement. He also works with physician recruitment, strategic planning and direction of the clinical programs.
"They know we are working for their best interests." WAICU aims for continuous quality improvement, such as adding new items to an office supplies contract.
Cardiff's managing director David Brown said: 'The message is customers recognise the benefits of our programme of continuous quality improvement.'
Sam Campbell, Director of Continuous Quality Improvement, Department of Emergency Medicine, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, Halifax to Investigate and Correct Obstacles to the Transition of Patients from the Care of Caregivers in the Community to those in Secondary and Tertiary Health Care Institutions;
The Matrix standard is the national quality standard for all organisations delivering information, advice and guidance services, promoting continuous quality improvement and best practice, enabling people to make informed decisions and choices about their future.
As a result, most manufacturers employ an ongoing review process called continuous quality improvement, in which each step of a procedure is analyzed for relevance, efficiency and overall effectiveness.
Krones now dedicates preventive-maintenance specialists to individual customers and analyzes audit reports for continuous quality improvement in their plants.
Use what you've learned and integrate this into your Continuous Quality Improvement program.

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