continuous beam

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con·tin·u·ous beam

in dentistry, a beam that continues over three or more supports, those supports not at the beam ends being equally free supports.
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con·tin·u·ous beam

(kŏn-tinyū-ŭs bēm)
In dentistry, beam that continues over three or more supports, those supports not at the beam ends being equally free supports.
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Shrinkage and creep data for the continuous beam tests of Washa and Fluck (1956) were, however, not reported, but because the concrete mixes and curing conditions were similar to the earlier simply supported tests, the same shrinkage strain and an average creep coefficient of 4.5 were adopted.
This vertical hybrid structure (Figure 1), with the longitudinal span of 181.65 m and horizontal span of 64 m, consists of three-part continuous beam string roof and RC frame structure.
This limitation was removed by designing LWAs based on composite right/lefthanded (CRLH) transmission line [2], which can support continuous beam scanning from backward to forward.
To span across topographically complex regions with high mountains and deep valleys, three-span continuous beam railway bridge structure has been widely employed.
On the other hand, the elementary potential energy corresponding to an elementary section of length dx in the continuous beam resting on the elastic foundations is given by
If we assume that the relative displacement along the x axis for the two points of outer surface of located at a distance l from one another for a continuous beam at y = H/2 is:
The first version of GRAITEC Advance PowerPack will introducenew tools for faster modelling, such as continuous beam and folded plate extender, and new capability such as the castellated beam and cellular beam sections, all combined with more intelligent and automated templates, all seamlessly integrated into a new user-friendly ribbon, the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack complements the use of Autodesk Advance Steel and enhances the user experience and project design workflow.
Santini, "Dynamic response of a flexural nonclassically damped continuous beam under moving loadings," Computers and Structures, vol.
The advantage of the fixed, continuous beam is that it allows the detection of slower moving objects, such as an individual crawling on the ground or swimming in moderate waves.
They can be used for remote welding, brazing, and for cutting metals where quality and continuous beam power are required.

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