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Absence of interruption, a succession of parts intimately united, for example, the unbroken conjunction of cells and structures that make up a single bone of the skull. Compare: contiguity.
[L. continuus, continued]
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continuity of care

A generic term referring to non-disruption of care provided to a patient in the UK throughout his/her care journey.

A general term for the uninterrupted management of a patient who passes from one doctor to another.
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Absence of interruption, a succession of parts intimately united, e.g., the unbroken conjunction of cells and structures that make up a single bone of the skull.
Compare: contiguity
[L. continuus, continued]
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the principle in taxonomy that continued usage of a particular scientific name should have priority over date of publication. Normally in scientific classification the date of publication has priority.
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Uninterrupted and successive.
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