continuing education units

con·tin·u·ing ed·u·ca·tion u·nits

(kon-tin'yū-ing ed'yū-kā'shŭn yū'nits)
Credit given to a participant after completing a designated program (workshop or seminar), to upgrade skills and knowledge.
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Armed, unarmed, CPR and Continuing Education Units taught.
Its also a chance to earn continuing education units (CEUs), with an estimated 22 CEUs available at this year's event.
Earn critical continuing education units, connect with colleagues and experience the exciting future of CTE.
Two Continuing Education Units will be awarded to each student.
5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to participants for completing the program successfully.
Del Mar College of Corpus Christi, Texas offered its introductory computer science course for three credit hours through its Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, along with seven segments allowing guests to earn Continuing Education Units through the College's Division of Workforce and Economic Development--all on a lengthy luxury cruise.
Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America (Certified Crop Advisors, Professional Agronomist) was the most common continuing education units (CEUs) program offered, according to the survey.
Many of their organizations have their own websites which promote the recruitment of new members, provide scientific and equipment information updates, list international job opportunities, and furnish available resources for obtaining continuing education units (CEU's) in order to upgrade and maintain professional certifications.
Up to 23 continuing education units will be available to conference attendees.
Nurses can earn continuing education units for completing the UCLA Borun Center's Pressure Ulcer Prevention Module at http://borun.
Attendees receive continuing education units, which are authorized by the American Nursing Association and count toward the professional education that is required of nurses in some states.
But a recent survey by Robert Half Finance & Accounting shows that many are overlooking one particularly attractive benefit: reimbursing staff for the continuing education units required to maintain their professional certifications.

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