continuing care community

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a group of persons residing together in face-to-face association; a group of persons with whom an individual identifies as a source of identity and potential support.
continuing care community life care community.
life care community a living arrangement for older adults that provides several levels of care within one facility or complex. As the resident requires more health supervision, he or she moves from areas that are more independent to those where care is provided under the supervision of a registered nurse. Life care communities usually require an entry fee as well as a monthly fee. Called also continuing care community.
therapeutic community a specially structured mental treatment center, employing group and milieu therapy and encouraging the patient to function within social norms.

continuing care community

A type of managed care that combines health insurance, housing, and social care, usually for the elderly. The participant enters a contractual arrangement, in which he or she receives a residence and long-term care on an as-needed basis in exchange for an agreed-upon fee.
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Formerly a resident of Holden and Worcester, he and Doris moved to the Briarwood Continuing Care Community in 2010.
The legislation, similar to a bin introduced in the last session, would ensure that seniors are able to return to their original continuing care community or skilled nursing facility after a trip to a hospital.
Utter moved to Briarwood Continuing Care Community in Worcester.

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