continued fever

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con·tin·ued fe·ver

obsolete term for a continual febrile illness without intermittency as with malaria. Many cases were typhoid fever, but included many types of febrile illnesses.
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A highly contagiously infection by Brucella spp, primarily B abortus (less commonly, B melintensis and B suis), caused by skin contact with infected cattle, goats and sheep or consumption of contaminated milk or meat.
Primarily affects veterinarians, farmers, wool sorters and dairy workers, who are occupationally exposed to infected animals, meats or spore-laden wool.
Clinical findings
Fever, sweating, malaise, aches, meningitis, abscesses of brain, liver, spleen, cholecytitis, endocarditis, arthritis, spondylitis, osteomyelitis, erythema nodosum, inhalation pneumonitis.
Doxycycline, rifampin for 6+ weeks.
Generally less than 5%.
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On the other hand, if the patient is sick with continued fever and anorexia, that's an indication that there's a diffuse process and that immediate appendectomy is warranted, Dr.
On November 9, he was hospitalized again for evaluation of continued fever. On admission, his temperature was 38.4xC.
On May 16, the patient returned to the physician with continued fever and irritability; an allergy to a sulfa-containing antimicrobial prescribed on the previous visit was suspected, and treatment was switched to an oral penicillin-class antibiotic.

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