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Continuous; without intermission; said especially of protracted fever without apyretic intervals, such as typhoid fever, compared with the paroxysms of fever in malaria.
[L. continuo, to join together, make continuous]
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Total online consumer spending is predicted by experts to reach $170 billion in 2006, as businesses continue to utilize the Internet for a variety of revenue generation and cost control initiatives.
These increases should continue, due to forces such as young professionals who seem to prefer the urban lifestyle, along with the expansion of industries such as banking, who prefer downtown locations.
Given the uncertainties about velocity, a broad array of indicators, in addition to money, would need to continue to be assessed in determining the appropriate stance of the Committee in providing reserves.
This trend among major advertisers will likely continue over the next several years which will challenge agencies to drive revenues among existing advertisers and attract new clients in order to meet organic revenue targets.
The continuation of the strong office sector depends on whether the move towards oversupply continues, particularly in suburban areas.
At the same time, the budgetary difficulties affecting many state and local governments were likely to continue to constrain the overall growth in state and local goverrnment spending.
Although the volume of debt and equity capital flowing into real estate continues to accelerate, particularly via the rapidly growing public markets, these capital flows have not triggered excessive new construction.
Developers with approvals and permits ready to go will be the success stories in 1997, and the corporate restructuring trend will continue, notably in telecommunications and pharmaceuticals, Clancey said.
Although Fitch does not expect the same level of acceleration for 2007, Fitch expects that bad debt expense will continue to grow.
This area of older, low-ceiling buildings continued to lose manufacturing jobs, and local firms continue to expand outside the area due to lack of land or high cost of sites.
Strong demand for gaming and lodging assets due to their cash flow generation ability and often significant real estate value should continue to provide an additional source of liquidity/project funding and means for potential balance sheet improvement.