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contingent (kəntin´jənt),

adj dependent for effect on something that may or may not occur.
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Mr Vincent Crummles was no sooner acquainted with the public announcement which Nicholas had made relative to the probability of his shortly ceasing to be a member of the company, than he evinced many tokens of grief and consternation; and, in the extremity of his despair, even held out certain vague promises of a speedy improvement not only in the amount of his regular salary, but also in the contingent emoluments appertaining to his authorship.
Russia paid in as her contingent the enormous sum of 368,733 roubles.
Each one brought forward his own contingent of particular facts; Barbicane and Nicholl always serious, Michel Ardan always enthusiastic.
We are so much accustomed to see differences in structure between the embryo and the adult, and likewise a close similarity in the embryos of widely different animals within the same class, that we might be led to look at these facts as necessarily contingent in some manner on growth.
Applause, and a round of "wunderschoning" and "prachtvolleying" from the German contingent.
Two streams of people filled the sidewalks--the home-hurrying, and that restless contingent that abandons home for the specious welcome of the thousand-candle-power
Certain contingent funds of the nation were devoted to the unearthing of the M.
You purchased a contingent reversion with it," the Marquis said darkly.
But as her father when they had been to a brilliant reception at Mrs Merdle's, harped at their own family breakfast-table on his wish to know Mr Merdle, with the contingent view of benefiting by the advice of that wonderful man in the disposal of his fortune, she began to think it had a real meaning, and to entertain a curiosity on her own part to see the shining light of the time.
There is exceedingly mild porter, sir, in the immediate vicinity, and the contingent advantages are extraordinary.
Both the outgoing and incoming guards contingents were inspected by Captain Akbar Naqi, Station Commander (Navy) Lahore.
Estimates of the number of contingents range from 35% of the United States workforce to a low of 4.