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contingent (kəntin´jənt),

adj dependent for effect on something that may or may not occur.
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Second, following extinction, which stimulus would be expected to promote more recovery of responding when presented contingently or noncontingently?
Belief Is Contingently Involuntary, ANTHONY ROBERT BOOTH
In sum, FAP's logical framework outline is: (1) therapist provides out-to-in parallel, (2) client confirms its accuracy, (3) therapist evokes CRB, (4) client engages in CRB1, (5) therapist contingently responds to CRB1, (6) client engages in CRB2, (7) therapist contingently responds to CRB2, 8) client engages in more CRB2, (9) therapist asks about the effect of interaction on the client, (10) client engages in more CRB2, (11) therapist provides out-to-in parallel and suggests homework, (12) client reports willingness to try homework out of session.
Often the trust thus established legally assumes the government's status as primary obligor, leaving the government only contingently liable for the debt.
But it's full of (lowercased) usages such as rigid designator, a priori necessary identity, a posteriori contingently true.
UK has also set records in the contingently employed.
Our research provides initial evidence that motor system recruitment is contingently linked to infants' social interactive behavior," said lead author Courtney Filippi, a doctoral candidate in developmental psychology at the University of Chicago.
And Ross performs a useful service by showing how specific emotions are only contingently, rather than necessarily, associated with particular identities.
In Southeast Asia, the forcible disorganization of popular and leftist forces has left as the main political actors dominant, illiberal, oligarchic elites; relatively weak and contingently liberal and democratic middle-class NGOs; and conservative religious organizations.
Until Amherst settles this liability, NovaDel will remain contingently liable for these fees.
In a report released this December, the Geneva based Small Arms Survey group said the alliances between the two governments and rebel groups "indicate the extent to which the current rebellions in Sudan and South Sudan are part of a complicated set of dynamics in the border zone that only contingently occupy the framework of state politics".
Janine Brodie has described citizenship as historically and contingently constructed.