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When this approach, termed subsequently the contingent valuation method (CVM), was put into empirical practice, it was again typically in the context of environmental policy.
Valuing environmental preferences: Theory and practice of the contingent valuation method in the U.
Often the difference in the estimates produced by the two types of studies is substantial, with wage-risk studies regularly estimating VSLs in the ballpark of $6 million and contingent valuation studies estimating VSL in the neighborhood of $3 million.
In the absence of consumer choice data, contingent valuation estimates consumer willingness to pay by asking respondents how much they would be willing to pay for a given good or attribute of a good.
Contingent valuation question in the form of payment card contains an ordered set of threshold values.
Contingent valuation as a means of estimating benefits is also widely applicable.
After the Ohio court announced its support for contingent valuation, a study using the CVM technique to calculate nonuse values estimated that possible damages in the Exxon Valdez case were approximately nine billion dollars.
The financial reporting of publicly-owned collections: whither financial (market) values and contingent valuation estimates?
The contingent valuation questions used a selection of payment methods including taxes, industry levies, donations, and price increases.
Review and Analysis of Recent State-of-the-Art Contingent Valuation Studies.
Department of the Interior) has affirmed the use of contingent valuation methodologies, and established the primacy of "restoration" costs over lost use values.
Contingent valuation surveys may work, although there is some highly-charged debate about the matter.