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con·tin·gen·cy ta·ble

a tabular cross-classification of data such that subcategories of one characteristic are indicated in rows (horizontally) and subcategories of another are indicated in columns (vertically).
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Fig. 119 Contingency table . A contingency table for eye and hair colours in a sample population.

contingency table

a method of presenting results so as to show relationships between two characters which can then be tested statistically by a modified CHI-SQUARED TEST (the heterogeneity chi-square test). For example, eye colour and hair colour might be measured in a sample population and the results presented in a contingency table.
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The correspondence analysis may be applied on contingency tables that are composed of variables V1 and V2 (image 1), V7 and V9 (image 2), V8 and V11 (image 3), as a result of significant dependency between rows and columns, proved by Pearson's Chi-squared tests.
Raw and Adjusted Contingency Tables (a,b,c) Variables Cluster 1 Raw cluster-treatment contingency table Immediate treatment, (No.
The generation of contingency tables represented by the matrix [mathematical expression not reproducible], with the I line fixed (i = 1, ..., l and l = 5 or 10), the observed frequencies [[gamma].sub.ij] (j = 1, ..., C and C = 5 or 10) were simulated according to the binomial distribution, that is [[gamma].sub.ij]~BC(n, [pi], [rho]) defined by Equation 1:
Because color ratings (the dependent variable) and some independent variables are dichotomous in nature, contingency table analysis was performed to determine association.
The next three columns show the contingency table values for female members as well as the transfer rate (percentage of individuals that are leaving the occupation).
Regarding Figures 4(a) and (b), based on Fisher's exact test for 2 x 2 contingency tables (Everitt 1977), the probability (P) of obtaining the observed result, or one more suggestive of a departure from independence (chance), is computed to be about 8 x 10-3 %.
To examine the possibility that FRA expression correlates with TTF-1 or napsin A, contingency tables were constructed.
He covers binary response, binomial and proportion responses, variations on logistic regression, count regression, contingency tables, multinomial data, generalized linear models, random effects, repeated measures and longitudinal data, Bayesian mixed effect models, mixed effect models for non-normal responses, nonparametric regression, additive models, trees, and neural networks.
One way of testing the significance of the results is through conditional probability function using contingency tables. A contingency table enables us to compute the probability of misclassifying a troubled firm (type I error) and the probability of misclassifying non-troubled firm (type II error) for the, population ratios.
Yang, "An empirical investigation of some effects of sparseness in contingency tables," Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, vol.
Therefore, we calculate a significance score based on contingency tables commonly used in statistical theory.

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