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* Include a site map and add hyperlinks to your major content catagories.
Isothermal saturation diagrams (ISDs) map the phase relations at certain temperature and basicity as a function of the MgO content and the major flux FeO.
Most content addresses needs of elderly Americans living alone or with family members rather than living in group settings.
Marketing claims about PCR content also have to be substantiated in some states (a legal issue) and are increasingly scrutinized by consumer and environmental groups (a public relations issue).
But recently, a new group of providers has refined their offerings, emphasizing value-added learning development services and more flexible, ASP-based content offerings.
Quality, authority, and accuracy of content: Sites must provide the names of their advisory board members or be published by a government agency.
It might be good to scale back some of the voluminous amounts of information, however, and re-organize some of the content for user groups including teachers, students and parents.
Nowadays most of current content delivery systems are based on the server-client model generally, e.g.
Innovation of contents and creativity are important factors in winning market competition.
The CC website enables copyright holders to grant some of their rights to the public, while retaining others through a variety of licensing and contract schemes, including dedication to the public domain or open content licensing terms.
However, the advent of serious profits from the cell phone contents business meant that if Excite wanted a piece of that profit stream, they had to quickly find a solution to compete with other portals.
Editor's note: It's no secret that at the recent international NEPA conference in Washington, D.C., some publishers grumbled about the software fulfillment program QuickFill--specifically, allegations that its management of online content and transactions left something to be desired.