contaminated waste

con·tam·i·na·ted waste

(kŏn-tami-nā-tĕd wāst)
Detritus that has been in contact with blood or other body secretions and must be discarded using specified procedures.
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The hospital waste includes drips, plastic syringes, blood littered sheets, amputated human organs and all kinds of other contaminated waste and plastic.
Experts concluded that despite concerted efforts to stop the spread of African swine fever among wild boar, humans have played a critical role in spreading the disease (for example through the disposal of contaminated waste in wild boar habitat).
Other tattooing equipment was also found at the properties, including a treatment bed and chair, inks, sharps boxes and a fast food bucket being used to store contaminated waste.
he said, and affirmed that another decree on the management of hazardous waste as well as two decisions on the conditions of contaminated waste transportation, were being prepared.
Muscat, Sept 15 (ONA) The specialized advanced training session on radiation protection and how to deal with Tritium contaminated waste material began at the laboratories of the Marine and Fisheries Sciences Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
Louis area, but to show problems that exist across the country with contaminated waste from the Manhattan Project and Cold War.
The temporary restraining order was signed by Judge Bob Downing, and requires the Veolia Environmental Services Incinerator to cease and desist any transport of the incinerator ash from the treated Ebola contaminated waste in Texas to the State of Louisiana, according to a press release from the Louisiana Attorney General's Office spokesperson Laura Gerdes Colligan.
A significant proportion of the manufacturing cost of cadmium telluride cells is to protect the workforce from toxins and to dispose of contaminated waste products safely, according to the research team.
Mark Butterworth, director of regulation and enforcement at the council, and Lisa Harris, director of regeneration and housing, said in a report to councillors this week: "It is the owner's intention to remove the contaminated waste material and submit a planning application for the retention of the remaining waste material.
If the plans go ahead, the boxed waste coming into the site will include paint contaminated waste, WEEE (electrical items) and aerosols.
The ministry has planned to summon senior officials from the contractors to the Fukushima Office for Environmental Restoration to answer questions on how they manage contaminated waste.
Caption: Worms may offer a way to turn contaminated waste into clean fertilizer.

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