contaminated waste

con·tam·i·na·ted waste

(kŏn-tami-nā-tĕd wāst)
Detritus that has been in contact with blood or other body secretions and must be discarded using specified procedures.
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Chow also urged the Federal government to undertake a detailed study and make an urgent decision on the issue of imported plastic and other contaminated waste lying in many containers which were currently stranded at the island's port and other locations in the country.
Recently, 60 containers of contaminated waste were smuggled into illegal processing facilities in Malaysia.
Environment minister Yeo Bee Yin said 60 containers stacked with contaminated waste had been smuggled into illegal processing facilities in Malaysia.
Shaun Lay, 30, from Wirral, travelled from his home in Birkenhead to the site of the former Royal British Legion, in Thatto Heath, last year, to dump piles of the potentially contaminated waste.
Adding to this pollution are hundreds of industrial units throwing their contaminated waste in to the river.
The Chinese government's refusal to accept contaminated waste material from overseas, and its signal to foreign countries that it will get progressively tougher, must act as a spur to the Welsh Government to devise a new waste strategy.
The State of Qatar's permanent representative to the United Nations and international organisations in Vienna expressed Qatar's gratitude for the cooperation and expertise that IAEA offers in the implementation of projects, particularly in relation to choosing Qatar's projects for the period from 2018 to 2019 that aim to boosting local capacities in the field of medical nuclear physics and radiation protection, improving the production of dates, disposing of contaminated waste in the oil and gas sector.
meters of contaminated waste exists in Fukushima, but the facility does not yet have enough capacity to store it all, and residents fear it will sit there permanently in the absence of a final disposal site.
"Dog waste is classed as contaminated waste and is not only dangerous, but also expensive to dispose of.
Other tattooing equipment was also found at the properties, including a treatment bed and chair, inks, sharps boxes and a fast food bucket being used to store contaminated waste. Officers were also concerned that no suitable sterilisation measures were in place.
"The ministry filed a complaint against a public health institution for failing to comply with the decree on sterilization of infectious waste (...)", he said, and affirmed that another decree on the management of hazardous waste as well as two decisions on the conditions of contaminated waste transportation, were being prepared.

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