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A steel or reinforced concrete structure enclosing a nuclear reactor which is designed to, in any emergency, contain the escape of radiation to a maximum pressure in the range of 60 to 200 psi (410 to 1400 kPa), and which is the final barrier to radioactive release: the 1st being the fuel ceramic itself, the 2nd, the metal fuel cladding tubes, the 3rd, the reactor vessel and coolant system
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Kurion's Fukushima Inspection Manipulator, or FIM, was used in the summer of 20U to help map the locations, sizes, and shapes of leaks in Unit 2's pressure containment vessel. This is a steel structure a few dozen meters high.
Disassembly of the existing components and welding of the new CRDMs on the new RVH and their installation in the containment vessel were performed by Aquilex WSI of the U.S.
"Removal of external pipework from the containment vessel building;
Last November, an IAEA report found that Iran had built a large containment vessel in 2000 at Parchin in which to conduct tests that the agency said were "strong indicators of possible weapon development." Iran's Abbasi-Davani accused unnamed countries of putting pressure on the IAEA to visit Parchin.
The report, tabled to the November meeting of the agency's board of governors, shows that Iran had built a large containment vessel at the site in 2000 to conduct nuclear tests that provides "strong indicators" of possible development of nuclear weapons.
A dosimeter lowered into the containment vessel of the No.2 reactor registered 72.9 sieverts, or 72,900 millisieverts per hour at maximum , a level where a human is certain to die within about 7 minutes of exposure.
The building is a 2.5-foot thick reinforced concrete structure that surrounds a 1.5-inch thick steel containment vessel that encloses the reactor.
They felt the envelope and the particles of grain, so they wisely decided to isolate it into their specialized containment vessel, and that was a smart move on their behalf."
In late November the Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the plant, announced that at the worst-hit reactor, Unit 1, fuel rods had probably melted completely during the accident and pooled in the concrete bottom of the containment vessel.
Gas samples taken Tuesday from inside the containment vessel of reactor 2 contained radioactive xenon 135, a gas usually generated by nuclear fission, TEPCO said.
The double-shell containment vessel Hill keep the subjects--initially microorganisms, later animal subjects and, eventually, human patients--isolated from the unexposed space around it.
NABCO Inc, a designer, developer and manufacturer of containment mitigation systems, on Thursday announced that Philadelphia International Airport has purchased its NABCO Suspect Luggage Containment Vessel (SLCV).
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