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1. The touching or apposition of two bodies.
2. A person who has been exposed to a contagious disease.
[L. con- tingo, pp. -tactus, to touch, seize, fr. tango, to touch]
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A person recently exposed to a contagious disease, usually through close association with an infected individual.
v. (kŏn′tăkt′, kən-tăkt′)
To bring, be, or come in contact.
1. Of, sustaining, or making contact.
2. Caused or transmitted by touching, as a rash.
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A secure national (UK) email and directory service developed specifically to meet NHS and British Medical Association requirements for clinical email between NHS organisations.
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Severe acute respiratory syndrome Virology A potentially severe and fatal RTI caused by coronavirus. See Coronavirus.
SARS  WHO case definitions
Suspected SARS  
• High fever P> 38ºC
• Respiratory Sx Cough, or SOB, or dyspnea
• Contact Close contact with a person previously diagnosed with SARS–having cared for, lived with, or had direct contact with bodily secretions of a person with SARS
Probable SARS Pt meets criteria of a suspected case and there is radiologic evidence of infiltrates consistent with pneumonia or respiratory distress syndrome l
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1. The touching or apposition of two surfaces.
2. A person who has been exposed to a contagious disease.
3. dentistry The area of two teeth in an arch where mesial and distal surfaces touch.
[L. con-tingo, pp. -tactus, to touch, seize, fr. tango, to touch]
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The touching or apposition of two bodies.
[L. con-tingo, pp. -tactus, to touch, seize, fr. tango, to touch]
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Patient discussion about contact

Q. Contact lenses I’m 17 years old girl, and I have glasses since third grade. I never had any real problems with wearing them,. my best friend always encourage me to try contact lenses, but it seems so strange to put something on directly on your eyes- is it safe? How difficult is it to do?

A. Consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor) before you decide.

Q. i have been in contact with someone whose in contact with bacterial meningitis. is this dangerous?

A. bacterial meningitis is one of the most lethal infections known. when people get infected by it they get a __ load of antibiotics and so are their families. but it all depends on what stage you had contact, and how close contact. in any way- he is probably under treatment now, no? if so, contact the doctors where he is hospitalized and ask them what is the protocol.

Q. for how long can i use my eye contacts with out harming my eyes? can i go to bed with it?

A. It is very much advised NOT to sleep with contacts, because of higher risks for eye infections that can be very dangerous. You shouldn't wear your eye contacts longer than a full day of work, and remove them when resting.

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