contact point

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con·tact ar·e·a

that part of the proximal surface of a tooth that touches the adjacent tooth mesially or distally.
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contact point

The point on a tooth that touches an opposed tooth.
See also: point
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con·tact point

(kontakt poynt)
Area of union or junction of surfaces that are not completely contiguous.
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When the standard wheel flange steps on the rail at an angle the contact point (Fig.
9 -- The Metro Police of United Kingdom has installed the flag of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as one of the language contact points.
Mean, Standard Deviation and variance for Mesio-distal widths of each of the six anterior teeth measured from contact point to contact point and measured from mesio-labio-
Oscillation trajectories of the contact point obtained at the excitation frequency equal to 35400 Hz are given in Figs.
Participants of the meeting also discussed the appointment of a liaison officer to EUROPOL, and it was agreed that a joint contact point is to be established in the Ministry of Security of BiH.
PCSO Taylor said: "The new weekly contact point is a great way for people to come and speak to their local officers and get crime prevention advice, as well as hearing about the work that the police and our partners are doing in the area.
When firing out of a stance, our blockers must bring their chest off their thigh on the first step, to help achieve leverage at the contact point.
The Joint Contact Point will consist of an office with seconded staff from all relevant police authorities in BiH at all levels of government.
Neighbourhood police teams from Huddersfield South and KIrkburton and Denby Dale will be holding a joint contact point at Morrisons in Waterloo.
Minister MektiA pointed out that he would do everything to avoid this scenario, explaining that the main problem is the lack of harmonized attitude between the police agencies on the location of the joint contact point for cooperation with EUROPOL and the opposition of the RS Ministry of Interior for its headquarters to be at the Directorate for Coordination Police Bodies of BiH.
"We're sure that this success will continue with PCSO Nalson's contact point."