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A language that is no one’s native language, but is used as an auxiliary or supplemental language between 2 or more mutually unintelligible speech communities
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Gianto's explanation of Canaanized Akkadian as an "interlanguage," a product of the language-learning process which, instead of being superseded through continued learning, became fossilized; see Gianto, "Amarna Akkadian as a Contact Language," in Languages and Cultures in Contact, ed.
In this article, I have tried to show that three peculiarities of Nganasan morphosyntax for which sound cross-Samoyedic evidence is absent could be explained by language contact with two potential contact languages of Nganasan --Evenki and Dolgan.
In such circumstances, it could well be that both the men and their womenfolk were intent on the latter acquiring English as such rather than on developing an English-based contact language.
As for mechanisms of contact-induced influence (Thomason 2001 : 129-156), one can find both unconscious negotiation of structural features between the contact languages and conscious decision-making.
With regard to the bantu languages of southern Africa, it has long been recognised that the click consonants are not reflexes of inherited elements; rather, the clicks were 'borrowed' from Khoisan contact languages and incorporated within bantu phonological systems at some point during the prehistory of southern Africa (Herbert, 1990:296).
Focusing on the lexicon of Yiddish Hasidic children's literatures, Miriam Isaacs examines how the Yiddish of the twenty-first century is adapting to new geographic and social contexts, in particular to its current major contact languages (English and Hebrew).
21-64), discusses the theories "which evolved from the study of the genesis of Pacific contact languages or those which have been used to support the arguments of Oceanic linguists" (p.
Apart from the shifting sound patterns, some Shekgalagari varieties adopt lexical items from contact languages into mainstream Shekgalagari which appear not to have originally been part of the vocabulary of the language.
It will be of interest to linguists and sociolinguistics, anthropologists and literacy specialists alike, and will constitute an excellent text for an undergraduate or graduate course in World Englishes or contact languages.
West of Eden; botanical discourse, contact languages and translation.
While Chaudenson's arguments in favour of a socio-historical and interdisciplinary approach to the development of Creole phenomena are compelling, it remains to be demonstrated, by reference to linguistic data, to what extent the linguistic processes involved in the creation of French-lexifier Creoles were fundamentally different from those of other contact languages known as pidgins and Creoles.
At this she has dealt with the relation between language-internal grammaticalization and changes because of the impact of contact languages (German and Russian).