contact hour

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1. the time something occurs.
2. a unit of time, being 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds.
3. a unit of educational credit.
contact hour a unit of credit for educational offerings, based on a mathematical formula. Continuing education programs that wish to award contact hours are carefully reviewed by the health care professionals for which the educational experience is designed.
golden hour the first hour following a traumatic injury. See golden hour.
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* It supports you through local opportunities to earn contact hours required to maintain certification in your specialty practice area.
10:45 am-12:00 pm Concurrent Sessions 1.25 contact hours
This includes a requirement that documented proof of successful completion must contain the name of the provider; program title, date, and location; number of contact hours; provider number; and name of the credentialing agency.
State boards of nursing and certification boards are discussing whether to decrease the number of contact hours required to renew the license or certification or whether to keep the same standard.
The ANA is also the most widely used accrediting agency providing contact hours for nurses.
* Includes a 2 (1.66 - 60 minute Contact Hour) contact hour home study packet
Contact Hours: 4.5 (3.75 - 60 minute Contact Hours)
The change for journal articles will be minimal, as most of MEDSURG Nursing's offerings average between 1 and 2.5 contact hours. However, it is the effect on the accumulation of contact hours using journal articles that will be felt; to gather enough hours for recertification or licensure could require reading a greater number of articles.
They need a total of 24 contact hours, and if they hold prescriptive authority, 12 of those contact hours must be in the area of pharmacotherapeutics.
I took a class in--last month, and the person in charge told me I would have to apply for continuing education contact hours.
* Includes a 1 (0.836-60 minute Contact Hour) contact hour home study packet
The findings indicate that the 1996-1997 appropriations should be reduced by $2,251,182, which represents 0.18% of the colleges' $1.2 billion in state contact hour appropriations.