contact healing

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contact healing

A type of psychic therapy sanctioned by many religions in which a cleric, acting as a divine intermediary, touches a member of the congregation in order to impart divine healing energy.


1. a mutual touching of two bodies or animals.
2. an animal known to have been sufficiently near an infected animal to have been exposed to the transfer of infectious material.

contact activation
the initiation of the intrinsic pathway of coagulation that occurs when whole blood contacts glass or similar surfaces; involves the conversion of factor XII into its active form, factor XIIa. This subsequently converts factor XI to XIa and so the coagulation cascade begins.
contact allergy
see contact dermatitis (below).
bone contact repair
repair of a fracture by contact apposition of the two fracture surfaces.
contact dermatitis
is caused by direct contact between the skin and a substance which is irritating or to which the animal is allergic or sensitive. The reaction usually occurs only on that area of the body that has come into contact with the substance. See also allergic contact dermatitis.
direct contact, immediate contact
the contact, by sharing the same accommodation or pasture or group, of a healthy animal with an animal having a communicable disease, the disease being transmitted as a result. See also contact transmission.
contact healing
a form of primary bone healing at a fracture site where there is cortical bone in contact.
contact hypersensitivity
see allergic contact dermatitis.
indirect contact
that achieved through some intervening medium, as propagation of a communicable disease through the air or by means of fomites or another animal, e.g. an infection may be passed to animal A from animal B via animal C; animal C is an indirect contact.
contact irritant dermatitis
skin disease produced by contact with an irritating substance; in contrast with allergic contact dermatitis, an immune reaction is not involved.
mediate contact
indirect contact.