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September 8-9, 2006, Waynesville, Missouri, Contact Tom Ebrite, Phone (765) 286-4906, Email s2snoopy@comcast.
1ST BATTALION 8TH CAV 1ST CAM DIV (VIETNAM)--August 9-13, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada, Contact Jim Knafel, Phone (260) 244-3864, Email jlknafel@myvine.
224 HEAVY MORTAR COMPANY, 40TH INFANTRY DIVISION (1952-53)--September 24-28, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada, Contact Bob Humble, Phone (626) 966-6897, Email RIH1930@verizon.
Patient I, a 23-year-old man who had close contact with patient Ca had onset of symptoms on April 25; unilateral abnormalities became visible on chest x-ray during the course of his illness.
7 days; 2) third-generation patients (peak April 22-26); and 3) fourth-generation patients, peak May 4, all of whom had contact with patient I.
Whether healthcare workers isolated themselves more promptly or had less opportunity for close contact is not known.
Residents who claimed only visual contact with OCDS officers improved their outlook toward police/citizen partnerships by approximately 12% over the 1-year study period.
For those residents who only "saw" officers in their neighborhoods, frequency of contact did, nonetheless, condition their attitudes toward partnerships with the police.
The impact of face-to-face contact between citizens and police was nearly two times higher than that observed for visual con-tact only.
Benning, Georgia, Contact Dwight Strictland, Phone (336) 852-6739, Email AStric0214@aol.
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585TH ENGINEER COMPANY (VIETNAM)--March 6-8, 2005, Orlando, Florida, Contact Ken Seymour, Phone (352) 527-3200, Email Eagle585@earthlink.