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Resulting from excessive consumption of a natural substance.


1. Consuming or tending to consume.
2. Of, relating to, or afflicted with consumption.
A person afflicted with consumption.

con·sump′tive·ly adv.


(kŏn-sŭmp′tiv) [L. consumptivus, wasteful, destructive]
1. Pert. to or afflicted with tuberculosis.
2. Pert. to a decrease in a required resource resulting from disease or use. For example, a consumptive coagulopathy is a tendency to bleed resulting from use of clotting factors.

Patient discussion about consumptive

Q. If someone is a recovering alcoholic, should he refrain from alcohol consumption in food as well? I mean, can he eat a cake or a sauce which has alcohol in it?

A. I love to here storys like that lixuri, keep up the good work--my mother/father liked to party when i was young,-im52yrs old now but my sister died because of parents being drunk and using drugs. but i agree that alcohol is not the real problem, it the people who put it on the market-they make videos with young people drinking on television--thay make banners showing people having a good time,with cigarettes. but where is the warning material letting young people know that alcohol is a drug,an cause seriouse side effects if not used the right way--I throught that our government was suppose to look out for us.there is something very wrong with this picture--young people are most in danger of becomming addicted--if that doesnt get you depressed i dont know what will------mrfoot56

Q. willing to know the type of sugar which is harmless for consumption to maintain good health? I am a health conscious guy willing to know the type of sugar which is harmless for consumption to maintain good health?

A. Xylitol is a natural sweetener made from birch tree bark. It sounds bad, but I think it is much better than stevia, which can be bitter. It's fairly expensive, but worth it because it doesn't spike blood sugar levels.

Q. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day? I love walnuts and I almost eat 4-6 walnuts per day. I know it’s good for brain and heart. My family does not have any history of heart attack. My family is a happy family and anyone can easily be jealous of our family. All our family members regularly take walnuts. I think the secret behind the happiness could be walnuts and its regular consumption. I want to know how it’s good for brain and heart and what its consumption limit per day?

A. as johnson10 said, walnuts have a big amount of Omega-3 in it, and that is it's big advantage. you see, the only way for us to get it is from deep see fish. and because not all of us eat fish- it's good that you can eat walnuts. omega-3 is a fatty acid that nerves membrane needs in order to function well.

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It is easy enough to see why women came to object to the role of Blondie, a mostly decorative custodian of a degraded, consumptive modern household, preoccupied with clothes, shopping, gossip, and outwitting her husband.
Some say that for consumptive use to be acceptable, there must be a conservation benefit; others believe only non-consumptive uses like ecotourism are acceptable.
The process required to grow these grasses would eventually result in the same consumptive, mechanical and chemical-laden approach now used to produce corn for ethanol.
Analytical interference in TSH or fT4 immunoassay, congenital hypothyroidism secondary to dyshormonogenesis, and consumptive hypothyroidism due to hemangioendothelioma are the possible causes for discrepant TSH and fT4 results in this patient.
Tsonina is perfectly cast as the slender, consumptive heroine; her fresh crystalline soprano and expressive gestures captured Violetta's passionate heart wonderfully.
Black people are the most consumptive race on the bate of the earth, and it's one of the reasons that we, as a race, don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.
Times were hard in those days and they were for Mr Hoyle, who played the part of a consumptive for the day.
Yuan Jiunn, established in 1995, manufactures and sells a variety of grinding tools, carbide end mills, HSS end mills, ultrasonic lapping machines, air grinder and consumptive grinding materials: super stone, diamond compounds and felt bobs, etc.
We at the DED believe that it is necessary to pursue a consumptive culture from the consumer's point of view, which has, however, become complex.
She is married off to her consumptive cousin Camille (Tom Felton) and is introduced to his best mate, the smouldering and artistic Laurent (Oscar Isaac).
Realize that the vegetative phase is all about energy production and storage, and the reproductive stage is energy consumptive.
The powerful and emotional La Boheme is the tragic tale of hopeless romance between the doomed, consumptive Mimi and penniless writer Rodolfo.