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1. The combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive or fracture surgery.
2. In psychiatry/psychology, a set of related ideas used to define, understand, and assess a given phenomenon.


Combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive, dental, or fracture surgery.
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An employee who constructively pays the exercise price of an ISO with Payment Shares previously acquired through the exercise of an ISO, but that have not met the Sec.
"Both sides have worked constructively to find a solution to an issue that was not of their making, which has included the introduction of a voluntary redundancy scheme, redeployment of impacted employees across the business and other initiatives.
Berlin [Germany], June 26 ( ANI ): Germany on Monday said it would work constructively with the new Turkish government, following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's historic election win on Sunday.
I call on each one here to rally behind the various programs of the government, to lend a hand when you can, to believe in each other, to criticize constructively, to be mindful of the consequences of our actions and inactions, and to bring genuine, meaningful pagbabago in our communities in any way we can.
When stakeholders engage government constructively, we are bound to have a society that is making progress.'
We sincerely want relations between Macedonia and the Russian Federation to be promoted successfully, constructively and in the spirit of mutual understanding and equality, said Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Oleg Shcherbak during his visit to Prilep.
The Russian government said it hoped the UK would "engage constructively" with the request for ambassador Alexander Yakovenko to have face-toface talks with Mr Johnson.
A POWERFUL committee of MPs has urged bodies involved in a row over the future funding of the UK's free-touse ATM network to "engage constructively" to reach an acceptable agreement.
My election, along with the election of twelve other Scottish Conservative MPs means our voice is heard at the heart of Government.The recent budget is proof of this.We have constructively lobbied for Scotland and secured real benefits.
Tweeting after his first meeting with Putin on Saturday, Trump said now was the time to work constructively with Moscow, pointing to a ceasefire deal in southwest Syria that came into effect on Sunday.
For the AMS Policy Program, and for the entire AMS community, the transition from President Obama to President Trump offers a chance to reflect on our role in the broader society and to reevaluate how we might engage that broader society most constructively.
Petersburg Friday, President Vladimir Putin told a news conference that Russia will work constructively with the international community on a settlement in Libya.

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