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Among males years of education is only significantly associated with visuospatial and constructional ability and with overall cognitive functioning while among females it is also significantly associated with immediate memory, language, and delayed memory.
The purpose of performing the present study is two-fold: to determine whether or not people at-risk for developing an eating disorder show alterations in their visual constructional ability process as compared to normal populations, and to analyze whether or not those alterations are similar to those found in studies of people who have actually been diagnosed with an eating disorder (for example, Silva-Gutierrez, 2001; Duchesne et.
Visuospatial constructional ability is complex, comprising multiple distinct, but interrelated subcomponents; the ability to combine elements into a meaningful wholes, the ability to discriminate between objects, distinguish between left and right, the ability to understand relationships among objects in space, the ability to adopt various perspectives and to represent and rotate objects mentally; the ability to comprehend and interpret symbolic representations of external space and the ability to work out the solution for non-verbal problems (Cronin-Galomb & Braun, 1997).
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