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1. The combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive or fracture surgery.
2. In psychiatry/psychology, a set of related ideas used to define, understand, and assess a given phenomenon.


Combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive, dental, or fracture surgery.
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However, in the event the Company is unsuccessful in obtaining a favorable judgment, it may be required to construct an alternate pipeline to interconnect with an alternate interstate pipeline at a cost in excess of $12 million, change the planned route of the pipeline it is currently constructing at a cost that could add more than $1 million to the cost of the pipeline, or seek other transportation alternatives through pipelines owned by third parties.
He is currently constructing a new house near Devil's Punchbowl Park.
The essay which offers the richest possibilities for constructing substantive theological proposals is, ironically, the most controversial one in the book.
However, I believe this argument can only be made by assuming that Hurston was constructing a linear, progressive narrative.
Over the years, mathematicians have developed a variety of techniques for constructing lattice packings.
The same experienced Heath team constructing the complex Magic Sky Ranch will build Fairgrounds Park, which will occupy the location where the Larimer County Fairgrounds stood for more than 50 years.
Lot 2: Involve the works Ouanaminthe constructing the covered market with steel-concrete composite structure (Surface area 7150 m2), constructing warehouses with light metallic structure (Surface area 1450 m2), constructing a compacted sub-base with vibrated concrete pavement for the outdoor covered market and the wholesale market (total area 3.
Many of our projects involve constructing new offices for clients who in a short period of time are in need of additional space.
Although SWOT analyses are usually conducted by teams or committees, the authors in this issue worked alone in constructing their visions of what career counseling might become in the next decade.
110(a) provides a safe harbor, excluding from gross income any amount received in cash (or treated as a rent reduction) by a lessee from a lessor under a short-term lease of retail space, for the purpose of the lessee's constructing or improving qualified long-term real property for use in the lessee's trade or business at the retail space, but only to the extent that the amount does not exceed the amount expended by the lessee for the construction or improvement (a qualified lessee construction allowance).
Constructing Girlhood examines an interesting and important topic within a sophisticated conceptual framework.
Other improvements needed include constructing additional taxiways, building 85 hangar spaces, building 26,000 feet of hangar space, and 11,000 square feet of aircraft maintenance space, and a building to house the airfield's firefighting truck.

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