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1. The combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive or fracture surgery.
2. In psychiatry/psychology, a set of related ideas used to define, understand, and assess a given phenomenon.


Combination of a bone graft, metal instrumentation, prosthetic devices, and/or bone cement applied to a specific level of the skeleton in the course of reconstructive, dental, or fracture surgery.
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623 million has been allocated in current financial year for constructing 91 small dams, reservoirs in various areas of the country.
CONSTRUCTING HEALTH Many scientists predict that synthetic biology will eventually yield new ways to treat deadly diseases.
Mass schooling was the most potent instrument of the British liberal state in the late nineteenth century in the urgent task of constructing a sturdy national identity as a response to dangerous rivalries abroad and threats of social disintegration within.
We can get around this by constructing Web learning environments containing safe sites for students.
Indeed, the novel offers figurations of women with different pasts, races, classes, and ages actively constructing communal spaces and identities (even if they are temporary and unstable) that allow them not only to survive (at least temporarily) in the face of injustices but also to reach toward a new, alternative, non-hierarchical sense of justice that emphasizes both equality and nurturing.
He is currently constructing a new house near Devil's Punchbowl Park.
Constructing Spanish Womanhood represents an important contribution to Spanish historiography.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV), used in constructing the UMLS Metathesaurus, employs the term frottage in defining Frotteurism.
She locates (perhaps over-simplistically) several contemporary feminists within one of two camps: those who presuppose a universalizing, ahistorical framework for constructing accounts of women's experience and those who adhere to the historically localized and culturally specific for such accounts.
Over the years, mathematicians have developed a variety of techniques for constructing lattice packings.
The Company announced that a state court in Tazewell County, Virginia has issued a temporary injunction halting GeoMet's construction of a portion of the 12 mile pipeline it is constructing to interconnect the Company's production from its Pond Creek field to the Jewel Ridge interstate pipeline operated by East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC.

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