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2. In genetics, descriptive of a gene that is controlled by constantly active promoter.
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(kŏn′stĭ-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-)
1. Making a thing what it is; essential.
2. Of or relating to the synthesis of a protein or an enzyme at a constant rate regardless of physiological demand or the concentration of a substrate.

con′sti·tu′tive·ly adv.
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Q. What really constitutes ADD? Don't all kids have short attention spans because they are curious? What I'm saying is. I'm a very curious fellow, so, therefore, I cannot hold my attention to one thing for more than a minute. Does this mean I have ADD?

A. to what you said about how come they didn't have all these problems lots of years ago, I'll have to say it is true the kids today have a lot more stimulations than what kids had a 100 years ago, though, these problems- ADD and ADHD did exist, even with less things around to lose focus to. even about 20 years ago, when the awareness was too small, teachers just called these kids "stupid" or slow, cause they wern't able to listen for a long period of time and then did'nt know what to answer when asked. the awareness helped save lots of very smart focusless kids...

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Caption: Figure 1: Constitutively active STAT5 signaling promotes malignant transformation in myeloid leukemia cells, showing enhanced colony-forming ability and increased proliferative capacity in vitro and in vivo.
Inhibition of constitutively activated Stat3 correlates with altered Bcl-2/Bax expression and induction of apoptosis in mycosis fungoides tumor cells.
The MeWo cell line and the constitutively active RhoA-expressing MeWo-RhoA-V14 clones displayed cytoskeletal features characteristic of physiologic actin function and exhibited normal RhoA levels and stress fiber integrity regardless of the UV treatment applied.
Second, HAC1 mRNA is constitutively expressed as a 1.4 kb band, which is converted to a shorter 1.2 kb band in ER-stressed cells due to removal of an intron consisting of 252 nucleotides.
Unlike most structural biomarkers described above that are upregulated in kidney tissue during AKI, MIOX is constitutively expressed uniquely in the PTECs and is then released into circulation during renal injury.
These constitutively expressed peptides exhibited strong inhibitory effects against many bacteria and fungi.
Our non-accidental use of reliable methods in ethics can only be explained, without appealing to God, if our moral beliefs are constitutively bound to moral facts.
HKPs are thought to accumulate at constant levels under all conditions and in all cell types, because they're constitutively expressed and maintain cell viability.
In rat ER[beta] is constitutively expressed in the efferent ductules while AR and ER[alpha] are selectively modulated by their own ligand [24].
A brief but wide-ranging conclusion returns to the possibility of equality based constitutively in obligations between people in non-egalitarian circumstances for which they are held to account by means which include programmes like 'Nkhani Zam'maboma'.
Chapter 4 ("Islam and the European Search for Co-immunity") evaluates efforts to rescue life from what Esposito terms the "constitutively exposed character of existence" (88).