constitutional types

constitutional types, categorization of individuals by type to predict their vulnerability to certain illnesses.
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Simply put, he utilizes the five constitutional types of CCM along with electromagnetic muscle testing to design individual nutritional plans.
For greater understanding of his patients' status, the author turns to the five constitutional types in Chinese medicine: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
The five constitutional types have guidelines for proper diet selections, but even within those types there is bioindividuality.
To determine which supplements are needed, the author relies upon the Chinese constitutional types and hair analysis.
Mucor constitutional types are more plethoric, hypertensive, congested, and lacking circulation in all body areas from brain to heart to liver, to phlebitis and diabetic ulcers.
Aspergillus constitutional types are of the tubercular miasm, slender, with lung issues, and fungal problems from sinus to female pelvic and bladder disorders and cancer.

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