constitutional type

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the general or prevailing character of any particular case, such as of a disease, person, or substance.
type A a behavior pattern characterized by excessive competitiveness and aggressiveness. See type A behavior.
asthenic type a constitutional type marked by a slender body, long neck, long, flat chest and abdomen, and poor muscular development.
athletic type a constitutional type marked by broad shoulders, deep chest, flat abdomen, thick neck, and good muscular development.
blood type
2. the phenotype of an individual with respect to a blood group system.
body type (constitutional type) a constellation of traits related to body build.
phage type a subgroup of a bacterial species susceptible to a particular bacteriophage and demonstrated by phage typing. Called also lysotype and phagotype.
pyknic type a constitutional type marked by rounded body, large chest, thick shoulders, broad head, and short neck.

constitutional type

A person’s inherited and acquired physical, mental and emotional composition, personality and temperament.
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Before versus after comparison of the scores for each of the four TCM constitutional types between groups were conducted using analysis of variance with the baseline values as covariates.
After adjusting for baseline values, the analysis of variance indicated that the improvement in the treatment group was significantly greater than that in the control group for all four constitutional types.
The five constitutional types have guidelines for proper diet selections, but even within those types there is bioindividuality.

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