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The Tribunal dismissed the defendant's arguments regarding jurisdiction on the basis that the LLMC 1976 itself provides for jurisdiction by a contracting State over the defendant to constitute a fund or grant a limitation decree, even if liability is being litigated in a different jurisdiction.
Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the use of eminent domain for economic development constitutes a valid public purpose and therefore is permissible under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S.
A minority of courts have taken a tar more expansive view of what constitutes advertising.
(5) Human rights studies applied to children constitute a third important area, often linking labor issues (with efforts to limit children's work) with schooling (efforts to promote).
Under the Rules, failure to file a timely answer "constitutes a waiver of [a respondent's] right to appear and contest the allegations in the notice." 12 CFR 19.19(c).
If some of Raman's readings are pushed farther than his evidence seems to allow--I found the argument about Dryden's commercialization of patronage especially unpersuasive--the book makes a plausible case that Renaissance colonial texts representing the East encode the emergence of a modern "subjecthood." And the chapter on A Midsummer Night's Dream, with its metacritical thesis of an intrinsic relationship among colonialist subjectivity, Enlightenment rational progressivism, and psychoanalysis, constitutes a brilliant take on the Shakespeare industry's investment in the postcolonial "imaginary."
"Constitute, in the sense of form or make up, may be the best word if neither compose nor comprise seems to fit: Fifty states constitute the United States.
All other potentially susceptible host populations that are epidemiologically connected directly or indirectly to the target population are nontarget populations and could potentially constitute all or part of the reservoir.
The sacrament of Holy Orders does not constitute the priest in a state of sanctity any more than baptism constitutes an ordinary Christian in such a state.
Dell's current assets constitute 70 percent of the company's asset base (sourced at, while the industry norm is 65 percent, according to data from the RMA.
Failure to remit or untimely remittance of participant contributions may constitute a prohibited transaction (either a use of plan assets for the benefit of the employer or a prohibited extension of credit) and, in certain circumstances, may constitute embezzlement of plan assets.
A variety of attacks, such as the often-cited denial of service incidents, constitute a set of criminal activities that interferes with the availability of computer information.