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constituent (kənstich´ūənt),

n a part of the whole; component.
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The team determined dose-response information for each constituent chemical before the mixture was tested.
The new personal touch will not be the cheap shot stuff that is pumped out by the automated machines at the US Congress, our national magazines or mail order catalogues, but tailored information showing that you know about and care about that individual constituent, customer or client.
This suggests that constituents "such as lutein, lycopene, indoles and others may also protect against lung cancer in humans," write the researchers in the Aug.
Prior to treatment, mixing of restricted wastes having different treatment standards for a constituent of concern is allowed only when treatment of the mixture is capable of achieving the lowest concentration level for that constituent of concern.
With Mobile Commons, Convio clients can use text messaging to increase membership, inform and call constituents to action in real time, integrate voice messages into mobile and Web content, and create innovative ways for nonprofits to use constituent generated content for increased involvement and communication.
The trouble is, however, that no matter what adjustments are made in response to constituent input, not all constituents agree with them.
By implementing these new Web technologies and applications, nonprofits are growing and expanding constituent data files, intensifying the need for simpler integration with donor database systems.
CRSGAS heard presentations from constituent organizations and Professor John H.
All solutions include the Constituent360[TM] platform, a sophisticated, online marketing database that centralizes constituent data and integrates with offline databases.
Congressional staffers say most constituent e-mails are answered within two to three weeks by the cyber-version of that old standby, the ``thanks for your interest'' form letter.
The ITC also asks for constituent perspectives about the extent to which the FASB or other organizations should be responsible for developing guidance on valuation issues that translate into financial reporting matters.
Enhancing The Giving Experience[TM], the honor roll enables a constituent to display the names of their personal donors immediately after a gift is made, providing positive peer affirmation and acknowledgement.