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energy or power; that which originates or arrests motion or other activity.
Forces resulting from a fall are transmitted up to the spine through the long leg bones and pelvis. From McQuillan et al., 2002.
electromotive force the force that, by reason of differences in potential, causes a flow of electricity from one place to another, giving rise to an electric current.
reserve force energy above that required for normal functioning. In the heart it is the power that will take care of the additional circulatory burden imposed by bodily exertion.
shearing f's see shear.
van der Waals f's the relatively weak, short-range forces of attraction existing between atoms and molecules, which results in the attraction of nonpolar organic compounds to each other (hydrophobic bonding).
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force (F),

The external factor that causes a change in the state of rest, motion, or direction (or both), or shape of a fixed body.
[L. fortis, strong]
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Biomechanics A quantifiable directional energy source
Physics A vector quantity—i.e., has both magnitude and direction—measured in newtons—N; the force of gravity acting on a 1 kg mass is 9.81 N; F=ma
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(F) (fōrs)
1. That which tends to produce motion in a body.
2. Application of energy to initiate motion.
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The external factor that causes a change in the state of rest, motion, or direction (or both), or shape of a fixed body.
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For the constant force practice group, the training goal was to contract the TA muscle to match the maximal EMG signal, i.e., 100% of TA muscle force exertion.
In addition, a more complicated model with a harmonic trap and constant force can explain asymptotic value of 2.3 seen previously [25].
In weightlessness conditions, the control of the force level and the maintenance of constant force level improve; however, for higher target level (75% of MVC), the muscular fatigue effects are evident during the course of the experiment.
Milling technology in line #50 represents the cutting parameters, and in its attribute list, a constant force milling adaptive control strategy is assigned.
In the constant force region, the desired d-axis primary current, [i.sub.ds]*, which is the crossing point of the ellipse and the circle [15], is smaller than the d-axis primary current for the maximum LIM thrust.
In the dual renewal risk model with constant force of interest [delta] > 0, the number of claims {[N.sub.t], t [greater than or equal to] 0} is a renewal process, m(t) is the renewal function, and the claim sizes {[X.sub.k], k [greater than or equal to] 1} and {[N.sub.t], t [greater than or equal to] 1} are mutually independent.
And they were back again in 2005, with our reviewer noting: "It may be 23 years since they last were a constant force in the Top 40, but a near sell-out crowd at the City Hall in Newcastle showed Blondie still have it.
While Kaif last played for India against South Africa in an ODI in Nov 2006, the middle- order batsman has been a constant force to reckon with in the domestic circuit, plying his trade for Uttar Pradesh.
Using a constant force at max indentation, the creep response of the aged and non-aged solder joint materials has also been measured as a function of the applied stress level.
This has led them to pursue "constant force," or a consistently level energy feed, which is scarcely attempted in watch-making and achieved only with the help of an intermediate spring placed in the escapement.
In order to construct an effective model for the solubility coefficient (related to the permeability model of gas transport in polymer membranes [4,13]), we include the Lennard-Jones characteristic constant force potential ([epsilon]/[kappa]) which describes the interactions between gas-gas molecules as a function of the distance [11].
For many years before the breakthrough, that came following Andy Burnham''s speech at the 20th Hillsborough anniversary memorial service, Anne was a constant force in trying to get to the real truth about the disaster.

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