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n a valued commodity exchanged between two parties in a legal agreement with one another, such as money, services, and so forth.


the essential element in all contracts; the return for the outlay. Wages, leave entitlements are considerations in a contract of appointment, even though many of them are unwritten. The provision of housing as part of an employment package is a consideration. The fee for surgery is the consideration in return for the surgery.

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Q. Are diets healthy? i mean , when one starts a diet what are the health consideration that need to be take under consideration ?

A. i am also awaiting to anyone reply:

Q. As a senior citizen, I am having trouble finding a "good" doctor, kind and considerate. How do I find one? I have asked friends, but their doctors are not taking new clients. The hospital gave me the name of a tyrant, who will not follow DoD's orders for prescriptions to be filled. She treats me like an imbecile. I am struggling to find a new doctor, kind and understanding, who listens to their patients. There don't seem to be any in Reno anymore.

A. finding a good doctor is not an easy task. taking tips from friends is the best system. but as you said- you tried that. i myself don't know any good doctor in Nevada. but i can give you a link to an article that gives you tips about how to find a good doc. it's a good one:

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At the state level, the level of change in annuity consideration payments ranged from a decrease of 29%, in Nevada, to an increase of 14%, in New Hampshire.
Here, without coming close to cracking a smile, they ponder the meaning of their fourth writing collaboration, ``For Your Consideration.
Findings from the study suggest that reasoning and coalition were the most often used upward influence tactics and that followers use assertiveness and higher authority more often when leaders exhibit low structure initiation and individualized consideration behaviors.
On that date, the portion of the total consideration paid to the target by the acquirer is measured to determine whether the COI requirements are met.
The acquisition date may result from a transaction that does not involve the transfer of consideration to the acquiree.
The term annuities is defined in the treaty as "a stated sum paid periodically at stated times during life, or during a specified number of years, under an obligation to make the payments in return for adequate and full consideration (other than services rendered).
As part of its consideration, the Board has reviewed reports of examination and other supervisory information.
A host of morphological and neuromuscular indices must be taken into consideration when constructing each athlete's training schedule.
Status: Referred to House Ways and Means and Subcommittee on Health for further consideration.
says that space confines are a major consideration for recyclers, and that customers often select compact loaders based on space limitations.
A parallel to this consideration is the appearance of the sand system.