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Contemporary artists] are creating multimedia works of art, and those are naturally harder to care for than a traditional painting," says Ana Alba, an independent art conservator in Pittsburgh and founder and owner of Alba Art Conservation.
Another museum conservator, who was present at the time of the repair, said that epoxy had dried on the face of the boy king's mask and that a colleague used a spatula to remove it, leaving scratches.
The change aims to make sure that the size of the teams of conservators matches the workload due to the different size of the two companies within the banking group of KTB.
A court doesn't necessarily have to abide by a person's choice of conservator, but will generally do so.
The discovery was made by conservators who dug around the old toilet as the surrounding area was prepared for restoration.
HEIDI SOBOL is the senior conservator of paintings at the Royal Ontario Museum.
In "Ephemeral Art: The Nemesis of Conservation," Jan Cavanaugh, a painting conservator in Portland, will explore what she sees as the mission of art conservation as the preservation of "cultural property" and the disconnect between the trend in contemporary art that favors the use of unconventional perishable matter, ephemera and rapidly evolving but soon to be obsolete technologies.
Liz Branigan, Durham University Library's senior conservator, visited the museum in 2005 to advise on the storage of over 200 maps of the underground workings of the Loftus ironstone mine, and found fluctuating temperatures and penetrating damp were threatening the survival of the collection.
legal status) to pursue a federal civil rights action on behalf of themselves and their daughter challenging a state proceeding in which the director of a state agency was appointed to be the daughter's permanent conservator.
This is why it is important for the collection's owner, or his insurance carrier, to have an established working relationship with a reputable art conservator who can arrive on-site promptly after a storm has passed.
Moreover, an artist's or fabricator's intuitive relationship to his materials is not that of a conservator.
Lucretia Triggs' conservator said Triggs had worked in the district, teaching children with learning disabilities, but district officials say they can't find any record of her employment and longtime residents have no recollection of her.

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